News and Updates

August 27th 2011

  • Metronome HA: A nice and accurate metronome in your Palm.

August 27th 2011

  • Basic Beatbox: A beatbox in your Palm.

December 24th 2010

  • Christmas Day: Music box for Christmas, including animated 3D scene and MIDI music!

November 19th 2010

  • MUVCARD : New Palm OS game, including MIDI music!

November 13th 2010

  • New MIDS music editor version running on Windows.

October 10th 2010

    I've found an issue in the MIDI player class (clsMidiPlayer): in some particular circumstances, a method tried to lock twice a memory chunk that generated an exception. The code has been modified and all codes (source code of the class and projects using it) have been updated and recompiled.

  • Class MidiPlayer updated.
  • Example projects updated.

October 4th 2010

  • Soundfont (52) Choir Aahs updated.

September 29th 2010

  • New sample project added (Basics of MIDS).
  • New soundfont added (11-vibraphone, 115-wood block, 04-electric piano 1, 39-synth bass 2, 90-poly synth).
  • New songs added.
  • Layout of some pages modified (songs and soundbanks download) .
  • Main menu modified ("Full Software" and "News and Updates" added).