Midsiku software features

The Midsiku project is a set of software, codes and other resources:

  • Windows software: Mainly used for MIDI to MIDS conversion, virtual instruments creation and their exportation as Palm OS databases and as MIDS files.
  • Palm OS software: MIDS file editor used used to adjust the parameters of tracks and virtual instruments.
  • Codes : ARM code for the MIDS music player, set of HB++ classes for managing the music player and the virtual instruments.
  • Some HB++ example projects using my player, created with the HB++ IDE, fully functionnal and provided with source code.
  • Extras: A nice music player (MIDS format) for Palm OS, some converted musics and virtual instruments. Other tools and more.

MIDS converter

Midsiku software features
  • Create MIDS project from MIDI file.
  • Save your MIDS project in a proprietary compact format that also embeds the original MIDI music, thus you just need your project file to work with (the MIDI music can be extracted from your project and saved as MIDI file).
  • Set tracks to be played by drag and drop.
  • Change the order of tracks by drag and drop.
  • Edit the title and comment.
  • Convert and export your project as MIDS music as Palm OS database or as MIDS file.

Virtual instruments creator

Midsiku software features
  • Create Soundfont projects from WAV files.
  • Save your Soundfont project in a proprietary compact format that also embeds all samples, thus you just need your project file to work with (all samples can be extracted from your project and saved as WAV file).
  • Embedded samples: PCM format, mono, 16 bits, sample rate = 22050 Hz.
  • Editing note range for each sample. You can hear the interpolation of samples within the set range.
  • Convert and export your soundfont project, in a compatible MIDS format, as Palm OS database
    or as MIDS file.

MIDS Editor for Palm OS

Midsiku software features
  • Assigning virtual instruments for each track.
  • Setting virtual instruments properties independently.
  • Define sound volume of tracks (you can mute them independently).
  • Setting tempo (BPM).
  • Editing title and comment.
  • You can play the music at realtime while you are editing it, all changes are immediately applied and heard.
  • Saving music as Palm OS database or MIDS file on external media cards.
  • Manage media cards: create and delete directories or files.

MIDS Editor for Windows (new)

Midsiku software features

After having used a lot the Palm OS version, I was tired of moving files from PC to Palm OS device and from the Palm OS device to PC. So, I've decided to make a Windows version of the MIDS music editor.

I've used this software for personnal use without any problem, but it may be considered as an experimental application as it hasn't been tested by a lot of developers.

The added features are:

  • Saving a song as several binary files (each of them having a size lower or equal to 64kb) to easily embed them in any HB++ project.
  • Overload detection.

Note that I have removed the possibility to edit the title and comments. In fact, music is mainly embedded in the application to be played in background and these properties are not really important.

Provided codes

Midsiku software features

To embed music in your HB++ application you do not need a lot of things, only codes downloadable from this web site.

  • Compiled binary code of the MIDS music player (ARM routine).
  • HB++ classes used for management of the MIDS music player (loading and playing music, etc.) with source code.
  • Extra ARM code: used for seeking time withing the music and for other miscellaneous operations (optional).

With the source code, you can easily modify it, add extra features, remove unwanted parts and so on.

Provided examples

Midsiku software features

The project examples let you see how to use codes and how to integrate them in a project. I think that is more helpful than a detailed documentation.

I've created two projects:

  • A very basic game engine based on the Zelda© game from Nintendo (not a real game, the goal is not to play here!).
  • A funny application playing small video and based on the Raving Rabbids© game from UBI Soft.

Once again, with the source code you can easily make changes and some

MIDS Player

Midsiku software features

You want to hear your MIDS music everywhere?, you simply want to share your work with your friends or with your beta testers? this player is for you!

  • Play MIDS music on your device.
  • Create and manage your playlists.
  • Change colors and fonts (you can use small fonts).
  • And all other usual features.