Metronome HA


Metronome HA is a free metronome designed for Palm OS™ that also includes a basic tuner.

Both metronome and tuner are very stable and accurate. The metronome includes presets management and the tuner offers two modes: general purpose tuner and guitare tuner. I've designed the graphical interface to make it as nice and intuitive as possible. Both portrait and landscape mode are supported.

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Screenshots (Java Script)
Features System requirement
  • Accurate and stable tempo from 10 to 300 bpm.
  • Set of 24 various sounds.
  • Time signature from 1/4 to 24/8.
  • Presets management (up to 100 presets).
  • Accurate basic tuner.
  • Beautiful graphical interface.
  • Palm OS version 5.0 or higher.
  • Screen resolution: 320x320, 320x480.
  • Display: 65536 colors.
  • ARM processor.
  • Streaming sound support.
  • 1.2Mb of free heap memory.


Description Download

Palm OS executable file (prc file) - zip archive.

Get PRC file (402 Kb)


This video has been directly taken from live action of the metronome software in the simulator, no sounds are rendered due to the fact that the audio callback routine can only run on real devices.

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