Christmas Day (music box)


Christmas Day is a free Palm OS™ software, working like a 3D animated music box. While the 3D scene is rendered, some Christmas songs are played in background.

Chirstmas Day  Chirstmas Day  Chirstmas Day

Features Caractéristiques
  • Animated 3D scene.
  • Four Christmas songs.
  • Many available languages.
  • Portrait and landscape modes supported.
  • Scène 3D animée.
  • Quatre musiques de Noël.
  • Plusieurs langues disponibles.
  • Support des modes portrait et paysage.
System requirement Matériel nécessaire
  • Palm OS version 5.0 or higher.
  • Screen resolution: 320x320, 320x480.
  • Display: 65536 colors.
  • ARM processor.
  • Streaming sound support.
  • 2.0 Mb of free heap memory.
  • Palm OS version 5.0 ou supérieure.
  • Résolution d'écran: 320x320, 320x480.
  • Affichage: 65536 colors.
  • Microprocesseur ARM.
  • Support de lecture des flux audio.
  • 2.0 Mo de mémoire libre.

The Story

I've always been fascinated by the 3D graphics. In 2008 I decided to learn more about the technologies used for 3D rendering (math for 3D transformations, algorithms used to fill polygons with a texture, algorithms used for applying light on surfaces such as Gouraud and Phong, and so on), then I wrote my first 3D rendering engine based on ray casting (Delphi language). The following month, I decided to use it for applications running on Palm OS and I started porting the code in C (ARM code). Since then, I've never used this code for any type of application because I found it too slow to render 3D scenes in real-time on devices running Palm OS. Finally, I've decided to use it to create an application using the 3D rendering and playback of MIDI music: a music box for Christmas. It has been a very exciting experience!


Description Download

Palm OS executable file (prc file) - zip archive.

Get PRC file (3.3 Mb)

PDF documentation (english).

Get PDF file (130 Kb)

Documentation PDF (français).

Get PDF file (129 Kb)


Included songs:

Play Direct download
flash is not supported, click to download the mp3 file. We wish you a merry Christmas
flash is not supported, click to download the mp3 file. Silent (Douce nuit)
flash is not supported, click to download the mp3 file. Sleigh ride
flash is not supported, click to download the mp3 file. Jingle bells


Take a look at the video bellow showing the 3D scene.

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