Singing Pets sample project

In this section you can download an HB++ sample project that illustrates the use of my MIDS music player. To run the application properly you will have to install the music database linked bellow.

Singing Pets sample project

Available downloads:

  • Full sample project

    The archive file contains the source code and all resources (including the PNO code), it also includes the compiled prc file.

  • Singing Pets music (Baby Song Theme)

    This song has been especially created for this project, you can also download the mids file and the related project file at the music download page.

This project is more advanced than the Tiny Game project because it uses all player functionnalities (such as time seeking, etc.).

The MidiPlayer class encapsulates all features that can be enabled or disabled at compile-time, this can be performed by using a defined conditional compilation constant. You will have to import the miditime.bin to your HB++ project for using such functionnalities:

The provided DLL file let you debug your application by using the PalmOS® Simulator, the declaration is the one bellow:

Note that because the MIDS music Player uses ARM native code for sounds callback routine, it cannot run on the PalmOS® Simulator, only the additionnal features can be tested.

Finally, here are the available commands and the conditionnally compiled code:

For more details, take a look at the project source code and the HB++ documentation.