About Midsiku

Developing applications using HB++

Eric Quagliozzi, developer of all the Midsiku applications, started PalmOS development in 2003. At this time he was owner of a Palm IIIxe, a nice device equiped with a grayscale display, and he thought it could be possible to create his own applications for his needs. Since then, a long story began, made of failures and successes, but always with pleasure.

A cup of coffee makes the difference

Eric Quagliozzi likes programming and computer science but he is musician too. Then one day he decided to develop applications for musicians and developers.

After learning a lot, he finally created the Midsiku software.

The Midsiku applications are not really applications for musicians but rather applications that allow developing Palm OS applications (created with HB++) that can play MIDI music, so finally that can be used to create applications for musicians.

Why Midsiku?

The MIDS music file format is quite similar to the MOD file format. It contains a music description, that is a Simplified MIDI format, and the sampled sounds for instruments.

The Siku is a nice panflute (panpipe), originally from Peru.

Midsiku is also a cute and adorable character

Eric Quagliozzi's daugther is now a great character designer! she began very early to draw animals and characters and finally she specialized in drawing manga.

She loved so much this character that she decided it would become Midsiku.

Finally, is Midsiku a software or a character? both!