Midsiku software suite

The Midsiku software suite may be considered as a kind of SDK for the integration of MIDI music in Palm OS™ applications that are developped with the HB++ IDE, thus all the software and codes provided here are dedicated for application development using HB++.

Handheld Basic HB++ was a powerful rapid application development tool for the PalmOS platform from Peter Holmes Consulting. HB++ was a kind of Visual Basic and then an OOP language. Today It is no longer developed nor supported but the community was big and generous.

Midsiku software overview

Midsiku software suite comes with a nice player and some HB++ sample projects (provided with source code) available in the download section.

Midsiku software player overview
Midsiku software sample 2 overview
Midsiku software sample 1 overview

Provided codes only run on ARM-powered devices running PalmOS© 5.0 and supporting the standard PalmSource Streaming sound APIs. Because codes use ARM native code, you cannot run applications on the Palm OS© Simulator.